Outfit // Summer night out

Dress - Let Them Stare
Wedges - Centro

Back in sunny August when me and my family went out fot dinner. What a wonderful night it was! Don't know why I haven't posted these photos on the blog before, but you know better late than never. These warmest memories make my day when it's so grey and muddy outside, brr!

* * *

Не знаю, почему я до сих пор не опубликовала эти фотографии, сделанные еще в августе на праздничном семейном ужине, какой чудесный тогда был день! Приятные теплые воспоминания - то, что спасает серый слякотный день, брр!
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  1. Anonymous6/2/14 16:46

    Wow..i love your outfit.

  2. Just gorgeous! And that dress is adorable!




  3. amazin outfit!!!! amazin picz!!!! xoxo)))

  4. Katrina, you have really been on a roll the last few weeks.
    One super-sharp and aesthetic look after the other in that style that so uniquely yours.
    So perfect that I found myself lacking the words to fully express my admiration.
    I almost didn't have the courage to comment, fearing to sound repetitive and oppressive in my shameless adoration of your style. Believe me, you are several classes above the rest - Just the best !
    In this post, it's almost a relief to see that you also have this more tender and romantic side.
    Slight glimpses of vulnerability and shy smiles; and the restaurant setting evoking sweet dreams of a dinner date with one of the most intriguingly beautiful ladies on this planet.
    Yet again, please accept all my kisses and compliments.

    1. you are amazing, Karsten :) I'm so soo thankful for your comments, these words mean a lot to me! :)

  5. Чудесно выглядишь!)

  6. Дааа, особенно приятно смотреть летние фотографии в зимнее время!