Outfit // The lonely stoner seems to free his mind at nite

Jacket - Lindex
Skirt - H&M
Shoes - Taobao

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  1. awesome contrast with that skirt honey!! love the colour :)

    with love from

  2. waauu!!! this skirt is very beauty..
    Štýl ženy

  3. great skirt :)

    XO Meghan

  4. Wow! Your skirt is gorgeous!

  5. so cute! I looove how pink skirt pops!

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  6. This is so hot!! Absolutely LOVE everything on you!!

  7. Wow...! Is this perfectly simple ? Or simply perfect ?
    The big spot of pink right in the centre of your all-black outfit adds both femininity and style to the look. It is simplicity in its purest and most effective form, dearest Katrina. Almost like a black/pink misstress who can't decide between being tough and strict, or sweet and seductive.
    Simply perfect - and sexier than ever !
    Kisses and compliments.

    1. every time I see your comment I run out of words :) thank you so much Karsten! I really appreciate it :)

    2. No no, it's ME who has to thank you, Katrina.
      Thank you for being open-minded enough to 'tolerate' the enthusiasm of a guy like myself.
      A lot of bloggers seem to hate the fact that guys take a look inside their private little world of fashion. They sometimes choose to post outfits that are clearly aimed at the opposite sex - But when we try to compliment them for it they call us 'perverts' ! As far as know, a 'pervert' is a child molester or a sodomist or a rapist. I really don't know what is so perverted about admiring elegant and feminine ladies like you ? Am I a 'pervert' for telling you that your high-heeled legs look sexy ? Not because we always know much about chic and style; but because we loooove the beauty and femininity of well-dressed ladies like you. Because female beauty feeds our dreams and motivates us; even if we won't always admit it. Female beauty makes us stronger, and keeps us warm...even during the coldest russian winter.
      There's some much filth and trash out there on the internet, also for the real perverts - But truly natural and feminine beauty is found in blogs like yours, Katrina. Thank you for sharing it with us, and thank you so much for letting me compliment you for it. You are a real star.

    3. What nonsense :) There's no way I could react like that. I'm so grateful for every comment you leave! <3

  8. Юбочка - мечта)))

  9. Hi Katrina, I love your style. So simple yet so chic! That pink skirt really stands out from the head to toe black outfit. Where do you take most of your outfit pics? The wall colour is pretty cool and makes a good backdrop.


    1. so pleasant to hear that! thank you so much! <3
      luckily the house where I live has this amazing wall :)