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The Revival of Converse - Can we Tempt You?
Have you forgotten about your converse shoes of late? Well prepare to start digging at the back of your closet because Converse are now rocking back into style - in a big way! Women are ditching their heels, kids are hanging up their plimsolls and men are taking a step away from flip flops in favour of a comfortable pair of converse.
 If you are not one of these people then you may be confused by the latest trend, but there are loads of reasons why these lightweight plimsolls are so popular. Not only are Converse a great and practical choice of footwear, they are also incredibly versatile and attractive, allowing them to fulfil every need of the average shoe shopper.

The Converse Brand
Converse have such a vast name to themselves that it is hard to know where to start. To begin with, the shoes are extremely versatile.
Going away this year? Abroad or in England? Either way converse shoes will come in handy. If you are just popping to the beach then you can always try out converse flip flops or if you fancy a walk in the countryside then the traditional sports shoe is perfect. They offer comfort and practicality – allowing you to slip them on and off effortlessly.

Celebrity Styling
Still need more convincing? If all the celebrities wearing them isn’t enough for you then how about the sport stars behind it as well? If your children are into skateboarding or basketball then I can bet you they will be asking for a pair of Converse shoes if they haven’t already got some. The shoes are perfect for this type of sport and with either extra padding around the sole or ankle it can provide safety for your children’s feet whilst still looking stylish.

Stand Out From the Crowd
If you don’t want to follow the crowd, Converse even allow you to design your own shoe. Those unsure of what they want can benefit from the extensive selection offered by the converse range which sees bold and heavily patterned designs feature alongside cleaner, more traditional styles.
This great range means there is always a style available to suit your needs, offering ultimate flexibility. Whether you are looking for something casual or something a little more formal, the Converse range will be the perfect solution. They even offer a selection of heeled shoes, perfect for women who want to pair them with their party dress!

Written by Catherine Moraru

Btw, I'll show my 'Conversed' outfit in the next post, stay tuned :)

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  1. I really, really love converse :)

    1. Me too! My shoe collection would be defective without them :D

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  3. I <3 my converse!!!! I have 5 pairs :D

    Great post!



  4. I really like this post! I personally love converse, they go with absolutely everything. I am now following you, would love you to check out my blog too. Naomi xx

    1. totally agree! thank you so much! followed back ;)

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