Brand new // MMM3

It took a lotta time to take a decision about Untitled by Maison Martin Margiela
Finally I got it! And I am more than happy right now!
And here is my new and the first ever lipstick (Rimmel - 140 - Kiss me). It's so damn bright! Exactly what I've been searching for!

Очень долго я решалась на покупку аромата Untitled от Maison Martin Margiela
В итоге он мой и я безгранично рада!!
Еще в моей "косметичке" пополнение - помада Rimmel (цвет 140). Первая и точно не последняя в моей жизни. Цвет безумно яркий - именно такой, какой я и хотела!


  1. Oh my goos, I want MMM Untitled so bad :o

    It's your first lipstick! How weird! :D

    1. hehe, I know it's super weird! I use lip balms every day but I've never tried a pop of color on my lips :)
      MMM Untitled is definitely worth buying! So unique and unexpected! Hope one day you'll get it))